Pursuit Values


Giving Our All

We have a strong moral and ethical purpose. It's a privilege to have the responsibility of our daily work and immense impact on the world. Our purpose coupled with exceptional passion creates a high sense of urgency and deep commitment to our students, to our community, and to each other.



Change comes with sweat. We tackle the hardest challenges because meaningful change comes about through hard work. We embrace the struggle, and we have the grit, hustle, and heart to overcome adversity. We recognize that there are no easy shortcuts and that excellence takes effort and time. Our work ethic drives our team, our culture, and our students -- in fact, it is the foundation for achieving our success.


Details matter, and we sweat all of them. Because the challenges we tackle are complex and nuanced, we operate with careful thought and in detail to gain a deep understanding of issues. Thoughtful, purposeful, and methodical action enables us to overcome the big challenges we undertake.

Own it

We expect agency, responsibility, and proactive action. No task is beneath us and we never say that’s not my job. Each of us is responsible for the development of our work, contributing to our community impact, and the delivery of our outcomes.


Delivering Outcomes

Because our students deserve it, because our investors expect it, and because each of us demand it. We work with the best -- and we are immeasurably grateful for the time, resources, skill, and care that every member of our community invests in our mission. We earn their faith in us, renew their commitment, and thank them by delivering outcomes to each and every one of our stakeholders.


Clear Intent

Clear intent drives results. We are intentional in everything we do. Clarity and resolution with clear intent define our approach.

Getting It Right

Good enough is not good enough. We care about quality and polish. We are focused on performance and delivering excellence to all of our stakeholders. We are committed to retrospectives and learning to understand and grow.

Push for the Best

We hold the highest standards for Pursuit, our students, and each other. We reject organizational relativism and challenge conventions. We continually raise the bar and push the limits of what is possible.



Data Driven, Human Judgement

We can’t manage anything we can’t measure. Data and analysis give definition and ownership to what we do. Evidenced-based decision making allows us to understand our impact and improve over time. At the same time, our work is about what things could be. We are driven by the potential of humanity and the faith in what’s possible. Our work is about beating the odds and overcoming the counterfactual.


Analytical Rigor

We tackle problems with analytical rigor and seek to understand root cause. We are self-critical and have a healthy dose of skepticism when approaching a problem to find the best solution possible. We ask what, if, why, and how. We research, understand, and probe to solve first order problems.

Conviction & Trust

Even with data and judgement, there will often be no clear answers. By supporting one another, we facilitate an ability to be direct and respectful. In making difficult decisions, we seek input and have multiple perspectives but we lead with conviction rather than consensus. Our decisions may be uncomfortable and exhausting, but we must have commitment and trust in our approach.


Being a pioneer requires faith. To pave new pathways and operate in the unknown, we often will have to use trust and human judgment. But we collect data and information to create our own guides and benchmarks. Equipped with this approach, we are ambitious and unafraid to create new things. We believe in the power and potential of our mission, ourselves, and our community.


Pursuit Foundations


Humility & Care

We embrace humility because it enables self-awareness and fosters critical self-reflection, openness to feedback, and rapid continued learning. We care deeply about our work, our students, and our team. Humility and care allow us to recognize that we can learn from everyone and enables us to embrace and overcome adversity.



Diversity is core to our mission and team. Diversity of experiences, perspectives, skills, and cultures creates a stronger community, a richer life, and drives performance.



We embrace and thrive on a passion for growth -- as individuals, as an organization, and as a community.

Potential x Effort = Skill; Skill x Effort = Achievement. Effort and continual improvement compound over time. No matter the starting line, we are dedicated to a growth mentality and realizing potential.



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