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Whether you're contributing your time, expertise, or donation, your involvement makes a direct impact on the lives of our Fellows, their families, and their communities.

Individual Volunteering

Whether you're technical or not, there's an opportunity for you at Pursuit. Join us and help with application review, our selection process, Fellow capstone projects, or much more!

Group Volunteering

We can work with you to create company-tailored group volunteer opportunities. Get your team involved and help train the next generation of leaders!

“As a Pursuit volunteer, I've had the honor of being present right at the moment when a Fellow first starts to believe in themselves as an engineer. It's a humbling and gratifying experience that has made me a better engineer and a better person.”
Mike Boyle
 Senior Software Engineer at Codecademy

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Community Partnerships

We partner with non-profits, universities, libraries, and other community organizations to create pathways and break down barriers. Together, we can host info sessions, offer application workshops, and provide other resources tailored to your organization to prioritize access to tech opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities.

Selected partners: