Aaron Pachesa - Aaron Pachesa.jpg

Aaron Pachesa

I joined Pursuit to make apps. I have apps in my head that I need to get onto iOS.

Fun fact: I once decided to ditch Apple for Android.

IMG_2286 - Adam-Thomas Jackson.jpg

Adam Jackson

My name is Adam-Thomas Jackson. I was born in Miami, Florida, but spent most of my childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta, I participated in citywide orchestras, theatre pit orchestras, and national band competitions. Along the way, I learned three instruments and ultimately served as drum major, the highest student leader position in an award-winning band for a performing arts magnet high school. I applied to the Pursuit Fellowship to build on computer science classes I took and prepare to be a software developer in a music-centered technology company. I hope to make meaningful connections with my peers, gain proficient skills in software development, and get my first placement in the technology sector. A fun fact about me is that in my pass time I am a mixing engineer and music producer for indie artists.

24301262_1614476465304777_5356551177728283147_n - Albert O.jpg

Albert Oliveira

I am Albert Oliveira, my passions include learning to code, slack-lining and biking in NYC. I am very excited to join the Pursuit family and hope to gain a life changing experience.

Alexander George Legaspi-2773 - Alexander George.JPG

Alex Legaspi

A simple guy looking to level up. I joined so that I could rule the world.

Fun fact: I love Tacos 🤤

IMG_0348 - Aly A.jpeg

Alyson Abril

I joined Pursuit because I saw it as an opportunity to gain financial and creative independence. I hope to gain the tool needed to make that goal a reality.

Fun Fact: I am in an indie movie "Infliction", the teaser short film is on youtube, and the full film comes out this summer.

Angela Garrovillas - Angela Garrovillas.jpg

Angela Garrovillas

My name is Angela Garrovillas, I joined Pursuit because I'm interested in a STEM field. I hope to achieve a deeper understanding of coding and various uses where I can contribute to my community.

I am a fan of the Legend of Zelda series.

Anthony Gonzalez - Anthony G.jpeg

Anthony Gonzalez

I joined Pursuit in the hopes of being able to better my own future. I wasn't content down the path I was headed and I wanted to learn a skill that I feel is essential in today's climate. I hope to be able to feel proud of the work I achieve as well as gain the necessary skills I need to move forward. One fun fact about me is that I collect fossils.

pic - kingzman trader.jpg

Ayoola Abudu

I joined Pursuit to acquire proper knowledge and skills to obtain a position as a software engineer.

BiancaBrown - Bianca Brown.jpg

Bee Brown

Hi! My name is Bianca Brown. I joined Pursuit because I wanted to get a start on what I want to do as a career, which is to become a Front-End Web Designer. This is something that I've wanted to do for quite some time now but never had an opportunity to do so until now. What I hope to achieve here is a better understanding of not only coding but of all the different languages that goes within coding so that I can expand on my career choice. A fun fact that I would like to share with my fellow classmates and staff members is that I am a very friendly and bubbly person who always likes helping others achieve greatness. So I do have that team-work aspect within me. I look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends along the way here within the program.

20190608_153831 - Blanca Cruz.jpg

Carolina Cruz

This tica is excited to use my two hemispheres: the digital brain and analog brain in order to make a long lasting impact in society; and create a legacy of inspiration!

Pura Vida!!

Eric_Mei - Tamaki.jpg

Eric Mei

My name is Eric Mei. The reason I joined Pursuit is so that I may pursue my dream in a tech career. I hope to achieve a career that is meaningful and enjoyable.

My favorite food is rice because how else can I eat it everyday of my life.

EricWidjaja - Eric Widjaja.jpg

Eric Widjaja

I want to expand my knowledge and skills and I also have been wanting to have a better career option that can sustain my family. In my tenure with Barnes and Noble, especially for the past decade, I witness the trend where the customer shopping habits have shifted to mostly online. Pursuit Fellowship program will give me the opportunity to achieve my future career goal where I can combine my skills in retail management and customer service with technology to improve customer experience and business operations. During my off days, I like to recreate traditional dishes from my home country, Indonesia

753B72CA-1AFF-4B77-910F-B9A05F0F32FD - Fredlyne Pierre-Paul.jpeg

Fredlyne Pierre-Paul

Fredlyne here! Joining Pursuit gives me the chance to learn something that can impact the world and my own life tremendously. I hope to find the feeling of being apart of something greater than me while also stepping into something I am passionate about.

Other than that, you can find me contesting Steph Curry’s 3-point average.

Hildy Abreu - Hildy Abreu.jpg


I’m excited about this new beginning. I like dancing & watching movies.

Ian Cervone - Ian Cervone.jpeg

Ian Cervone

Hey everyone, I'm excited to join the Pursuit team to learn how to write code, build apps and create a better future for my family with these skills. I work as a personal trainer, have a 5 lb Yorkie and live with my beautiful wife Natalia.

Jack Wong - Jack Wong.jpg

Jack Wong

I’m a person who wants to learn to be better at communicating and working with others in projects. I believe Pursuit will help prepare me in functioning efficiently in a professional setting.

Fun Fact: I can do Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's signature eyebrow.


JasonRuan - Jason Ruan.jpg

Jason Ruan

I'm Jason and I joined Pursuit in order to get a more in-depth perspective and real experience in this industry. I also have an interest in designing apps and want to start on a solid foundation through learning from experts. I hope to be able to at least be able to keep up with the syllabus and workload that is expected of me during the course of this program. As for details about me personally, my hobbies include playing video games and working with different hardware. I also enjoy traveling and have been to Seoul, Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo in the past year.

Jocelyn Boyd - Jocelyn Boyd.jpg

Jocelyn Boyd

I joined Pursuit because I would like to transition into the exciting and thriving field of tech. I hope to build a career in the edtech industry one day.

Fun Fact: Japanese is my second language.

JoshuaWynter - Josh W.jpg

Joshua Wynter

Hello, I've join the pursuit program because I've been interested in creating my own apps and web designs. I hope that by the end of this program I will be able to work for a company like SpaceX or in VR design.

A fun fact: I've worked as an actor for the Metropolitan Opera for over ten years.

Kary Martinez - Joshua Goldman.png

Kary Martinez

I joined Pursuit to develop the skills necessary to succeed in a tech driven world. I hope to master these skills and make a meaningful contribution to the tech space. If I'm not in class or studying, you can find me at an NYCFC game.

KevinNatera - Kevin Natera.jpg

Kevin Natera

I joined Pursuit with the hopes of entering the tech industry and eventually becoming a video game developer. Being aware of how difficult a goal that is to achieve, I am prepared to learn and practice coding so fervently that even my dreams are about debugging compiler errors. A fun fact about me is that I am skilled at handling a pack of cards.

FB_IMG_1532787333953 - K Y.jpg

Kimball Yang

Hi, my name is Kimball. I am technology enthusiast with aspirations of making my own game in the future!

01AADAD3-8F45-47A0-B515-A3FFA313ABAC - krystal campbell.jpeg

Krystal Campbell

Hi, my name is Krystal and I am super excited to be a part of the Pursuit family! Pursuit has been on my radar for years and I finally built up the courage to apply and I am so grateful to have been selected. I joined because I finally overcame my feelings of intimidation in the tech industry and said to myself, “you know what you can do this too”! I l’ve always wanted the opportunity to learn more about this field and now that I’m finally embarking on this journey I hope to achieve all the necessary skills to make me successful in this industry.

Fun Fact: In my free time I give interactive presentations/workshops to school kids on emergency preparedness through a NYC agency program.

Levi Davis - Levi Davis.jpg

Levi Davis

Hi, I'm Levi. I joined Pursuit to find a good, fun, challenging job that will stay relevant for a long time.

Liana Norman - Liana Norman.PNG

Liana Norman

I have joined Pursuit to find a more fulfilling future with new and exciting sets of challenges. I would like to exercise more creative muscles while in this program.

Fun fact: I love to make jewelry!

malcolmturnquest - Malcolm Turnquest.JPG

Malcolm Turnquest

The reason I joined Pursuit and what I hope to achieve are one in the same. America as a matter of fact the world is rapidly digitizing nearly all aspects of daily life. From self-checkout at retail establishments, to making reservations with a smartphone, to refilling my prescription with an iPhone app. The alarm clock really went off during a doctor's visit. When I arrived instead of greeting from a receptions I had to check-in on an electronic tablet. Then certify my identity with a digital palm reader and confirm payment with an electric card reader. Incredible or as Spock would say "Fascinating"! I really love building models.

Mariel Hoepelman - Mariel Hoepelman.jpg


I studied Psychology at Queens College, and have field work training and experience in individualized Applied Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trial Training and Incidental Teaching intervention for children with developmental disabilities. For the past five years, I worked as Prevention Specialist for identifying and linking candidates for HIV prevention with biomedical intervention (antiretroviral medications for HIV prevention). My interest in coding started around two years ago. I was feeling the need to learn something new and outside of my field of work and that could potentially become a plan B for me as a career. My job at the time usually left me with little to none energy at the end of the day and I was not making the income I understand I deserved. The prospect of making a higher income in the healthcare field without being a medical provider is poor and I was already at the top of the salary I could make based on my college education, training and experience. In terms of professional and educational growth, I was no longer interested in pursuing an advanced degree in my field. I didn’t want to further invest in a career that is underpaid and that was not making me feel good at a personal and professional level. After trying an online self-paced coding program for 1.5 years I concluded coding (at least for me) requires face to face instruction, feedback and mentoring. Pursuit was recommended to me through my partner by one of the program’s volunteers. After checking the program’s website, social media and also finding testimonies online from people that completed Pursuit in the past, it seemed to me that this was a good place to continue my coding journey. I hope Pursuit provides me with the training and support necessary for landing a professionally rewarding job in technology that allows me to bring home a much higher income. A fun fact about me is that I worked on TV in my early teenage years. There was this very famous children TV show in Dominican Republic called “Sabado Chiquito” (Little Saturday), one of the characters was Mrs. Garbage (Doña Basura) and her daughter Little Garbage (basurita) played by me. Mrs. Garbage and her daughter Basurita (me) were always trying to make the city dirty. Unfortunately I do not have any footage of this as that was around 25 years ago.


Michelle Cueva

My name is Michelle. I joined Pursuit because I am interested in getting involved in the tech field and being able to support my family. I hope to learn all the essential tools needed to become a developer and be able to mentor the next set of Latinas that come after me.

Fun Fact: I love dancing Salsa and Bachata

Miguel Aquino

Hello friends, I joined pursuit to become a software developer, I have a strong passion for IT, I am fascinated by coding and would like to pursue this as my career, I hope to achieve the knowledge necessary to become the best developer I can be.

Fun fact: I've saved countless animal lives after switching to a vegan lifestyle :)

NeemaPhilippe - Neema Philippe.jpg

Neema Philippe

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, I returned home to Queens and began working as a Medical Biller at a large multi-specialty practice. It was during my second year at the practice that I first heard about Pursuit. What intrigued me most was Pursuit’s mission to train, mentor, and promote those who are underrepresented in the tech field. The successes of previous fellows spoke highly to the quality of the program. I walked into this experience with zero coding background, but I am excited to apply my love of problem solving to my new role as a Pursuit Fellow and future profession as a Software Developer. I spent my 21st birthday on a mission trip to Guatemala. Initially I was fascinated by the rare birthday celebration, but I quickly found myself immersed in the culture of the native Guatemalans. My Spanish improved (temporarily) as I communicated with mothers and children about the importance of good hygiene.

phillipbryan - A.V. Phil.jpg

Phillip Bryan

Hey Pursuit, Phil here. I decided to become a Fellow to improve my software development skills. I plan on working extremely hard and meeting new friends in the industry like you. Challenge me to a game of chess if you dare. Best, Phillip Bryan.

Phoenix McKnight - Phoenix McKnight.jpg

Phoenix McKnight

I joined Pursuit to positively change the trajectory of my life. I hope to achieve financial self-sufficiency via a career in coding. A fun fact is that I love cooking.

Radharani Valongo - Radharani Valongo.jpg

Rad Valongo

Hello, I'm Rad and I'm very excited to be apart of Pursuit! I joined the program not only to better my life, but also the lives of people all around me. I've always wanted to dive deeper into the tech community and learn the different ways that people are able to make positive changes to the world. Since I’m very environmentally conscious and always have been, I hope to be able to learn about different apps, programs and general technologies that I could use, or even build myself, to be able to help our home planet.

Fun fact: I have 7 cats, 2 dogs and a fish at home!

SamuelRoman - S R.jpg

Sam Roman

I'm Sam, a graphic designer and stylist living in the Bronx. I joined Pursuit to help further my self taught coding studies and turn what I know into a full fledged career in tech.

Sunni Tang - Sunni Tang.png

Sunni Tang

As a life-long proponent of accessible STEAM education, Sunni is very excited to be a part of Pursuit! Sunni aims to utilize the powerful tools in tech to continue serving social and climate justice work within her community and beyond. Sunni often finds herself at the intersection between science and art, so don't be too startled if you see her dancing across the room during break!

Tia Lendor

Hi everyone! My name is tia. I joined Pursuit seeking a challenge, and to grow my career skillset. Im excited to get started!

Fun fact: I knit in my spare time :)

See you soon!

Wally Suarez - Wally Suarez.jpg

Wally Suarez

I joined Pursuit because it offers an intensive curriculum that prepares fellows to be well-rounded developers. While at Pursuit I hope to master the technical aspects of the material presented as well as gain experience in creating products, meeting deadlines, team collaboration, and public presentation. A fun fact about me is that I am a big history buff and love podcasts because they are the perfect medium for long form storytelling.

Amine Bensalem - Amine Bensalem.JPG

Amine Bensalem

I like Tech, I’ve been always curious about how things works. When I was a kid, I used to destroy all my toys trying to figure out how they work. Pursuit is my chance to learn new things and do something I like without having to worry about the studies fees right now, hoping to be a very successful web developer.


Ariel Rivera - Ari Rivera Vera.JPG

Ari Rivera

I joined Pursuit to be part of a diverse community of developers to be! I am hoping to be able to work on projects that I wouldn’t try on my own. I live in Brooklyn with my cat and play a form of the xylophone!

Briahana Mauge - Briahana Mauge.jpeg

Briahana Mauge

Hi all! My name is Briahana and I'm a math teacher. I joined Pursuit because I am interested in the tech side of the STEM field. I hope to improve my coding skills and become a web developer. A fun fact about me is that I climbed to most active volcano in Europe.

IMG_1941 (1) - Aransa G.JPG

Aransa Garcia

Hi, My name is Aransa Garcia. Excited to start this journey with all of you!

brianytaveras - Briany Taveras.jpg

Briany Taveras

I joined Pursuit wanting to learn something new and to create a brighter future for myself. I hope to excel at everything that I learn and create things that I am proud of.

Fun Fact: I'll probably be asking you all what your zodiac sign is because I'm really into astrology.

Screenshot_20190602-172216_Gallery - Sal Salamander.jpg

Camille Jessamy

Hey guys! Im excited to start this program. I joined Pursuit so I could improve my future and that of my family. I hope to create or help create a program that'll help improve people's lives.

Fun fact: I love love books, plants, and music (not in that order).

0 - Christian A..jpeg

Christian Anselm

I'm a 27 year old Queens native with a passion for technology. I joined Pursuit because I believe in the organizations mission, by the end of the program I hope to achieve a solid understanding of programming fundamentals.

Chuck_OkonkwoAguolu - Chuck aguolu.jpg

Chuck Okonkwo-Aguolu

Hi my name is Chukwuka, Chuck for short, and I joined Pursuit because I believe it is an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the world of programming and learn how to build all sorts of interesting ideas. I hope to gain the tools needed to both jumpstart a career in programming as well as to gain the ability to build the many ideas I have for apps and websites. I am a huge fan of basketball and video games , and I once maintained a blog for people who liked the statistical side of basketball.

20190602_184443 - Dantae Flowers.jpg

Dantae Flowers

I am a tech hardware enthusiast and I joined Pursuit to get a solid grasp on software. I hope to become a competent developer and take my first solid step in the tech industry.

35B9FD18-A669-4A6B-94AB-532B4851D0DE - Deja Flynn.jpeg

Deja Flynn

My name is Deja Flynn, I’m an educator, single mom and definitely an ambitious woman. I’ve been in technology for over a decade, starting off as a sound engineer I’ve dabbled in video and graphic design on my own. Teaching myself different platforms is something I was always great at. Currently a STEM teacher looking for an exit from education to another field that will continue grow in a direction in a brand new field where growth is independent.

Douglas MacKrell - Douglas MacKrell.jpg

Douglas MacKrell

Hi! My name's Douglas MacKrell. I currently plan, facilitate, and produce video training modules of my own design for Pfizer’s Global Security Team, working one-on-one with both site management and Security Officers to provide edifying experiences for corporate and state mandated yearly training. However, what I had once thought was an amazing opportunity has quickly soured over time. I started as a temp Front Desk Concierge for the NYHQ, and pitched the job myself to Site Management. They happily took me in, but I’ve remained an underpaid temp with no benefits through the same staffing agency I started with. Compounding matters, I’m self taught and have no formal training or college degree - and no official job title! Finding video production work elsewhere has proved impossible despite my now 10+ years of corporate experience working for a state of the art Security Team of a Fortune 500 company. Making matters worse, the bottom fell out of the video production job market in these past few years, and many of the entry-level positions I could have applied for have dissolved. I’ve effectively been trapped in my low paying job with no benefits for a decade! Pursuit is an amazing opportunity to finally escape from the cage I didn’t realize I had built and locked myself in. A chance to learn an in-demand trade and build a career! I worked incredibly hard to get here, and I’m honored to have been accepted as one of the fellows this year. Personally, I look forward to learning the building blocks of software development - and seeing how I can integrate what I learn in Maker projects of my own. For example, as part of the success of my YouTube channel (40,000 subscribers so far!), I taught myself how to design and craft my own merch with CAD software and a 3D printer. I’ve wanted to learn how to code software for my own electronics for years now, and I’m really looking forward to pulling the Raspberry Pi I’ve had tucked away in my closet - and actually knowing what to do with it!

GiselleSanchez - Giselle Sanchez.JPG

Giselle Sanchez

I joined Pursuit to give myself a chance in a field that contains adversity and the opportunity to overcome it. I would love to not only exceed, but excel in software engineering and push boundaries on what I can create. A favorite pastime of mine is biking!

Hupaul_Camacho - Hupaul Camacho.jpg

Hupaul Camacho

I plan to use the skills I learn at Pursuit and combine them with my artistic skills to create something new. A fun fact about me is that I like to play competitive games, and compete primarily in fighting games.

Jenesh Napit - J N.jpg

Jenesh Napit

I joined Pursuit because I wanted to become a developer but didn't have the financial means necessary to pursue it. I hope to achieve not only the technical skills but also the soft skills needed for a successful career as a developer. Fun fact is that I'm always hungry and down to eat at all times.

Joseph Pasaoa - Joseph Pasaoa.jpg

Joey Pasaoa

Hello! I'm Joey and I'm here following my passion in logic and programming. I hope to work my hardest and a fact about me is that I used to compete in ballroom and Latin dancing years ago.

IMG_0653 - Johanne Enama.JPG

Johanne Enama

My name is Johanne and the reason I joined Pursuit is because I wanted to learn coding and the pursuit concept and mission was appealing to me. I hope to be able to apply what i will learn at Pursuit to the real world and continue to improve. I am an FC Barcelona super-fan.

400F4467-4112-489D-8B4B-8677057579A2 - Jonathan Fagan.jpeg

Jonathan Fagan

Hi I’m Jonathan. I joined Pursuit to become a better developer and start a career that i would love to do for the rest of my life. I am a game developer in my spare time.

Kadijah Wilson - Kadijah Wilson.jpg

Kadijah Wilson

I decided to join Pursuit because it seemed like a good opportunity to learn something new. I turned 25 this year - a quarter of a century so no better time to try a different career field than now! I hope to learn how to create websites and multiple languages.

20190603_075737 - Kameron Montague.jpg

Kameron Montague

Hey I’m Kameron. I joined Pursuit because I love creating things that make people go wow and I believe Pursuit can turn passion into career. I hope to achieve creative freedom, to not only say it but create it. Fun fact about me is I use to cosplay for a bit, I still got the skills to do that.

Summer 2018 - Karen Morisset.jpg

Karen Morisset

Time for change. Time for a purpose. Time to elevate. I joined Pursuit to acquire new skills and use those skills. Pursuit is providing me this opportunity to help me accomplish what I always try to seek which is stability. I am a bit nervous of the unknown but I am ready for is ahead of me (I hope). I am quiet and a team player.

KathyPuma - Kathy Puma.JPG

Kathy Puma

I decided to join Pursuit because I have a passion for coding. I want to successfully graduate the program and find a long term career.

thumbnail_IMG_3077 - Malik Taylor.jpg

Maliq Taylor

Hello I'm Maliq. I joined pursuit to expand my career horizons, challenge myself, and make new connections. I hope to come out of this experience feeling accomplished and like I've grown as a person.

Michael Amparo - Michael Amparo.jpeg

Michael Amparo

Math graduate with a passion for tech.

EE79045B-9B2C-4CF8-953A-8DC3AF52A673 - Ohidur Rahman.jpeg

Ohidur Rahman

I'm a struggling college student. I joined Pursuit to have a better life and start my own path. I believe that working together is the path to success. Fun fact about me is, I can play the piano and I play video games.

Owen_Jones - Owen Jones.PNG

Owen Jones

Hi, my name is Owen Jones and I'm joining the 6.2 Web Development Cohort of the Pursuit program. I’m hoping to learn how to be a competent developer and have options available to me after I complete the program. In the future, I want to be able to make games, apps, and plugins that people want to use. In my free time I like to hike, snowboard, and play soccer.

Pearl Jean-Pierre - Pearl Jean-Pierre.PNG

Pearl Jean-Pierre

I joined Pursuit to challenge myself. I am aiming to meet and collaborate with others in this field.

Guilty pleasure: Watching reality shows from Australia.

0 - Peter Fiorentino.png

Peter Fiorentino

I joined Pursuit because I want to give myself a more marketable skill set. I hope to achieve an ever-growing knowledge of software development and I hope to bring a sense of humanity to the world of coding. In my free time I write fiction novels.

Renee Russell

I chose to join Pursuit because I was looking for a way to advance my career and earn more money to support myself and my family. During this fellowship, I hope to achieve the skills necessary to be successful in the tech industry and to one day develop my own app.

Fun fact: I’m an adventure lover

FullSizeR1 - Elisandra Cardona.jpg

Sandra Cardona

Pursuit is great chance to learn to code with a great staff and team. I hope to make great web apps. A fun fact is I also make mobile games.

Savita Madray

I joined Pursuit to help create a secure future for my family.

Fun Fact: I rescued 4 kitties.

Sergio Cohen-Salama - Sergio Cohen Salama.JPG

Sergio Cohen Salama

Came to the States from the southern republic of Argentina to raise my daughter Carmen, the most incredible person I've met so far. Also pursuing my musical dreams in the land where Rock and Roll was created. My brother is a successful coder in Buenos Aires and he suggested me to follow his steps.

Fun fact: tried to become a puppeteer at age 22 but didn't work (yet).

Sharrar Khan

I am Sharrar Khan. I joined Pursuit because I want to become a full stack web developer.

Shayna Davis

Hi my name is Shayna. I joined Pursuit to innovate my career. I hope to achieve success one of my passions. A fun fact about me is I am a thrill seeker who loves to push the limits.

IMG_ Sihame Bazi (2) - Ssbb Bbss.jpg

Sihame Bazi

Sihame Bazi is an economist who is interested to develop a new career in software development. Pursuit will help me to acquire the skills that I will need on software development. It will also give me the opportunity to find a job. I am a motivate person and I am exited to start a new career.

Stephanie Ramirez

I am extremely excited to start my journey with Pursuit and thankful for this opportunity. I am currently interested in a change of career, growth and learning as much as possible everything I need to know about coding. I first discover Pursuit through one of their formal C4Q fellows (Wesnie Marcelin) who motivated me to apply. She talked highly about the program and how this opportunity change her life. I look forward to learn as much possible and I hope to inspire others like she inspired me.

21106008_10155719062433750_5374603742919262310_n - Suzette Islam.jpg

Suzette Islam

Hey everyone, I'm Suzette! I joined pursuit because of my growing interest in tech and my desire to be a full stack developer. I hope to achieve all of the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in the field. I also look forward to networking with professionals in the field and be part of a group of people that will be change agents for our communities. One fun fact about me is that I enjoy watching movies and going to museums alone.

Voniel Brown - Von Brown.png

VoNiel Brown

My name is Voniel Brown and I joined pursuit because I want to explore a career within the tech industry. Through this program I hope to get a stable career that I will be able to achieve my goals and support my family. A fun fact about me is the fact that I came to the United States on Star Wars day.