This is the land of opportunity.
With a great idea,
The right skills,
And sleepless nights,
Anyone can transform their life.

Today, technology is creating more wealth,
more companies, and more jobs than ever before.
But these opportunities don’t reach everyone.
Sometimes even those with the most potential lack the right skills,
the right resources,
Or the right support system
To live the American Dream.

This is why we started Pursuit.
To create transformation where it’s needed most

We see potential in more than just diplomas and resumes
We see it in the man who has worked three jobs since he was fourteen.
In the mother who stays up after a full workday teaching herself to code.
We see it in cities, suburbs, and small towns.

By recruiting adults with the most need and potential,
And empowering them to become the next generation of leaders in tech,
We give talent the opportunity it deserves.

We provide our recruits with the foundation they need to grow into leaders:
in-demand coding skills,
access to industry insights, networks, and opportunities,
and long term support and guidance.

This is not a bootcamp.
Nor is it a charity giving handouts.
We are a community of founders,
And industry experts
committed to not only our graduate’s dreams
But their ability to reach them.

We can only bring change so far,
Our community
has the power to bring it home to their families,
To their neighborhoods,
To the tech industry itself.

And together, we can bring the Dream
Closer to reality.