The Next Generation of Leaders in Fintech

We are very proud to partner with the FinTech Innovation Lab New York to launch Future Fintech Leaders.




We created this highly selective program to open up new opportunities for Pursuit Fellows to become leaders and entrepreneurs in technology and build a pipeline of diverse, top-tier talent to the fintech industry. As Future Fintech Leaders, Pursuit Fellows gain critical access to the industry through exclusive employment, networking, and leadership opportunities.

Pursuit is working to create opportunities for our Fellows to get hired at the best companies, earn the highest salaries possible, and become entrepreneurs and leaders in technology. Future Fintech Leaders is a key example of our ongoing and concerted effort to build trust and relationships with leading companies and CEOs in order to create direct hiring opportunities for our Fellows and enable them to succeed in the industry.

As participants in the program, Pursuit Fellows gain access to the fintech industry through the Partnership Fund for New York City and Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab New York.

They will:

  • Partner with FinTech Innovation Lab New York alumni, fintech companies, and major financial services institutions to fill critical company roles and work as software developers.

  • Learn how to grow a company by working alongside New York City’s most promising fintech companies and entrepreneurs in the FinTech Innovation Lab New York.

  • Gain access to a network of fintech industry titans by attending exclusive FinTech Innovation Lab New York events.


“This opportunity will enable me to further develop my entrepreneurial spirit and empower me to take charge, make decisions, and bring me one step closer to being my own boss.”

Pursuit Fellow & 2019 Future Fintech Leader




Meet the Future Fintech Leaders

Pursuit Fellows are chosen for Future Fintech Leaders based on their strong engineering talent, passion for building their own businesses, and leadership in the Pursuit community.


Caroline Cruz, 4.1 iOS, Software Developer at Pymetrics

Caroline dreamed of starting her own financial company. But as an assistant in an accounting firm and with few opportunities for advancement, that goal was out of reach. With the technical skills she gained from Pursuit’s rigorous software developer training program, she can now fuel the success of fintech—and become a leader in the industry. “This opportunity is invaluable to me,” Caroline says of Future Fintech Leaders. “Receiving mentorship from senior executives in fintech and gaining access to a network of top entrepreneurs will enable me to further develop my entrepreneurial spirit and empower me to take charge, make decisions, and bring me one step closer to being my own boss.”


Daniel Cortes, 4.4 Android, Software Developer at Kasisto

Driven by his passion for technology and his desire to leave a positive legacy for his family and community, Daniel has the opportunity to make an enormous impact on the industry. His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his understanding of economics and its evolution toward blockchain technology, shines in his creation of his own cryptocurrency following Ethereum Erc20 Standard for smart contracts; Android Mobile apps with RxJava, Dagger, and ButterKnife; and a video game using Unity and the C# programming language. “I understand the economic importance of blockchain technology,” Daniel says. “By leveraging this technology, I want to lead out the next revolutionary idea—and take a leading role in transforming the fintech industry.”

Daniel Cortes never got his college degree. But he’s shown that he has the knowledge and the technical skills to “contribute meaningfully to any number of industries”—including, and especially, fintech.


Steve Ramirez, 4.2 Web, Software Developer at BlackRock

The child of Colombian immigrants, a Latino, and a gay man, Steve is excited to bring his technical expertise—and his unique perspective—to the fintech industry. “I want to show that fintech is an industry where anyone can become a leader, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality, race, or any other characteristic,” he says. Steve is excited to join Future Fintech Leaders as fintech is “filled with people who like to work hard, come up with creative solutions, and work in an intellectually stimulating environment”—in other words, people like him. By becoming a leader in fintech, Steve hopes to empower Latino and LGBTQ communities to access and contribute to the industry and beyond.


Shannon Alexander, 3.3 Android, Software Developer at npm

A Bronx native who used to work in retail, Shannon is excited about the recent innovations in fintech that make wealth building more accessible to everyday people. Through Future Fintech Leaders, she’ll be working at npm, the world’s largest software repository with over 10 million users and more than 26 billion software package downloads every month. Says Shannon, “Working in this industry would allow me to use my skills to help innovative startups bring those solutions to an even wider audience, as well as create new innovations that promote intergenerational wealth among families from diverse communities.”


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