Tips To Make Your Fellowship Application Stand Out

Pursuit offers a transformational opportunity to become a software developer, secure a family-sustaining tech career, and change the face of the tech industry. On average, our Fellows raise their annual salaries from $18,000 when they enter the program to $85,000 at their first job out of the program. These wages not only provide a better life for our Fellows, but also their families and communities.

Pursuit is a demanding program, and our highly selective process aims to identify applicants with the highest need and potential to succeed in the Pursuit Fellowship. We accept about 10% of applicants — a lower acceptance rate than some of the most competitive universities.

Our application process consists of three stages:

  1. Submitting an online application

  2. Completing an in-person interview and logic test

  3. Participating in a two-day Javascript workshop

Read on for tips and tricks on how to stand out or apply now.



1. What do we mean by “high need”?

Pursuit is a social impact organization that creates transformation where it’s needed most. We’re looking to recruit candidates who can’t afford the training or education needed to break into the tech industry. To get a better sense of your overall need, you will be asked to share the following information:

  • Financial overview: Your annual household income, past and current level of public assistance, any big changes to your income over the past year, and the number of dependants (if any) you have. *Please note: your annual income must be less than $45,000 to be eligible to enroll in Pursuit.

  • Educational background: Your highest level of education and anything that’s hindered or helped you on your academic path. Tell us if you’re the first person in your family to graduate high school or college, if you received a university degree in another country, and whether or not you received scholarships to attend high school or college.

  • Work background: Jobs you have held and/or have tried to get. Is your current job setting you up for a long-term career? Is there growth potential (in terms of salary and position) in you company or industry?

  • Alternative programs: Why Pursuit is a good fit for you and why you chose Pursuit over other programs.

2. What do we mean by “high potential”?

Learning how to code for 10 to 12 months is hard, and pursuing a career in technology is a big commitment. You should have a passion for technology and a high level of grit to complete our Core program and land your first job in the tech industry. As you prep for your application and the interview portion of the selection process, consider the following questions and information:

Passion for Tech:

  • Why are you excited about a career in web development? Do you enjoy problem solving and understanding how things work? To help you answer those questions, check out the following articles:

  • What is your favorite web or mobile app? Why do you like it? What would you change about it?

  • Have you previously worked in or tried to enter the tech industry? What was that experience like?

  • Have you always been interested in computers and tech? Do you help your friends and family fix their computers, tablets, and cell phones?

  • Our program doesn’t require a background in coding; however, it might be helpful to try out some online introductory courses to see if you’re interested in it. Keep in mind that if you apply and are accepted to Pursuit Core, you will do a lot of coding. Codecademy’s free online introduction to JavaScript offers a good overview of programming basics.


  • Have you ever experienced a significant challenge in your academic, work, or personal life? How did it impact you and how did you overcome it?

  • Are you or have you been involved in an activity or club, e.g. music, sports, or academics? How often do you practice or meet? How much time do you devote to it each week?

  • Have you ever taught yourself a new skill, e.g. a new language, IT or web development, a musical instrument, and/or graphic design?

  • Have you ever taken on a leadership role in your academic, work, or personal life? What prompted you to seize that opportunity? What kind of responsibilities did you have and how did you balance them with other responsibilities?

Apply to the Pursuit Fellowship and transform your career.