The skills you need for your first tech job


Learn how to code and get your first tech job with Pursuit Core, our 10-month program that builds job-ready computer programmers with in-demand coding skills and industry smarts.


Pursuit Core is the first step of your journey to becoming a professional computer programmer. Once graduating from Core, you'll go on to Advance where you'll get the tools and resources to build your career.


What will I learn in core?


The comprehensive curriculum is designed to train industry ready developers. Over the course of Pursuit Core, expect to spend over 80+ hours each week learning.


1. Technical Mastery

You'll start with computer science fundamentals and build up to full-scale app development, including critical data structures and algorithms skills.

  • Master the fundamentals of programming

  • Build and publish mobile or web apps

  • Prepare for technical interviews with current developers

  • Learn best practices of clean coding, testing, and how to use top industry tools


2. Professional Skills

Learn how to build your personal brand, launch into the job search process, and hit the ground running as a valuable member of a tech team.

  • Build a compelling resume and portfolio to showcase your personal brand

  • Learn how to apply successfully to tech jobs

  • Understand how to navigate the professional environment, from job search to promotion and beyond


3. Industry Fluency

You’ll have a network of classmates, alumni, hiring partners, and volunteers that will help you further your career.

  • Pitch your app at Demo Day to leading engineers, founders, and business leaders

  • Expand your network by meeting startup founders and technologists

  • Learn about venture capital, entrepreneurship, and innovative topics like blockchain and machine learning from industry experts


Build real world projects


Our developers work collaboratively in teams and master industry tools. By utilizing technical skills, product development, and UI/UX training, every graduate ships multiple products during the course of the program.


Mozi is a low-cost DIY robot designed to help kids learn how to code. Powered by an Arduino microprocessor and the Google Blockly visual programming editor, Mozi is fully customizable and fun to build.


Pencraft is redefining mobile gaming through its innovative game controller. Utilizing the built in magnometer on Apple devices, Pencraft enables new ways of playing games and interacting with mobile devices.


Intensive and rigorous program schedule

The program is challenging and demanding to ensure that we train quality programmers.


We offer a daytime program as well as a nights and weekend schedule. Both demand over 80+ hours of work in and out of class per week. 


Daytime Program

The daytime program requires 43+ hours of in-class time with additional out-of-class work.


Nights and Weekends

The nights and weekend schedule requires 25+ hours of in-class time. Significant out-of-class independent work will be required to meet the demands of the nights and weekends curriculum. 


What we look for in our selections process


1. Need

Our mission is to create pathways to the middle class through technology. All applicants must demonstrate economic need to qualify for the program. Applicants may demonstrate need if they are unemployed, underemployed, or are currently receiving public benefits such as unemployment insurance, Medicaid, subsidized housing, nutrition or income support.

2. Potential

We're looking for dedicated and passionate individuals with demonstrated potential to succeed in the intense 80+ hour-week Pursuit program. No coding experience is required, but applicants should expect to give it their all throughout the 10-month program, including participating during all scheduled classes, workshops, and program events.


We highly encourage women, underrepresented minorities, and those without college degrees to apply. 


Eligibility Criteria


In order to be eligible for the program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • 18 or older

  • Committed to working as a full-stack or mobile developer after graduating

  • Annual salary of no more than $45,000

  • A resident of the New York metropolitan area

  • Eligible to work in the United States

  • Able to participate in all scheduled program classes, workshops, and program events for the full duration of the program

You may not be a strong candidate if:

  • You currently intend to simultaneously pursue a full-time commitment to another course of study or training

  • You’ve previously graduated from a highly selective academic institution (undergraduate or graduate)

  • You hold an advanced degree in the field of computer science or a related technical field, or have already graduated from a software development program.

  • You possess the financial means or support to acquire the technical, professional, and industry skills offered


The current Core 5.0 program


The Pursuit 5.0 cohort will have a total of 144 students across 4 classes of 36 students each. Each class will focus on a different programming language: Full-stack Web, iOS, and Android.


Full-stack Web

5.1 Class
36 Students


5.3 Class
36 Students

Full-stack Web

5.2 Class
Nights and Weekends
36 Students


5.4 Class
Nights and Weekend
36 Students


How much does it cost?


$0 + 12% of future income for 3 years upon getting a tech job above $60,000


There are no loans, no debt, and zero upfront costs for the program. Instead, you'll pay 12% of future earnings for three years after you get your first tech job, but only if your annual salary is at least $60,000. If you don't get a tech job or make above that salary threshold, you won’t have to start paying.

Our programs are made possible through our Pursuit Bond which links our funding model to our outcomes.


How do I apply?


The rigorous application process is designed to help us identity qualified and talented candidates.


1. Attend an Info Session

To learn more about how to be a successful applicant, please sign up for one of our info sessions at Pursuit HQ, hosted by program staff as well as current students and graduates. In addition to learning more about the program, you will gain insight into opportunities in tech, and how to apply to Pursuit. 


2. Submit your application

Fill out our online application with your background info and questions via the Pursuit website. During the initial application stage, we are looking for candidates that fit our target demographic, are committed to learning, and demonstrate passion for building a new career in technology.


3. Interview and Testing Day

Select candidates from the applicant pool will be invited to an in-person interview and problem-solving session led by engineers, experts, and other volunteers from our community. It's an opportunity for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know us. We'll ask questions about your application, and give you an understanding of what skills you'll need to be successful in the course.


4. Attend the 2-day Coding Workshop

We'll invite select candidates to participate in a 2-day sample coding workshop. The workshop recreates the class environment and structure to give you an understanding of the intensity of the program and type of learning environment. There will be pre-and post-workshop assessments to help understand how much you've learned over the course of the workshop.


5. Selection and Participant Notification

Our team takes a holistic approach to selecting participants for our program. We're looking for talented individuals who demonstrate the potential to be successful in not just our program, but in the tech industry.


What happens after I graduate from Pursuit Core?

Pursuit Core is just the start of our work together. Through our Pursuit Advance program, we help graduates build meaningful and lasting careers in technology.