Investing in future success and outcomes

The Pursuit Bond is a program that funds our services by aligning students’ job outcomes with investor funding.

How it Works

Pursuit Bond is a social and financial bond between Pursuit, students, and investors.

  1. Investors provide funding to Pursuit to support costs of the program and enable the training of students.

  2. Pursuit provides four years of training and services to students with no upfront costs, loans, or debt.

  3. Equipped with coding, professional, and tech fluency skills, our graduates get jobs as software engineers at companies in need of engineering talent.

  4. Students who get jobs in tech and earn annual incomes of more than a salary threshold pay back a percentage of their earnings.

  5. Students pay a percentage of their earnings for a fixed period of time after they get their first job. If a graduate does not get a well-paying job the salary threshold, they won’t have to start paying.

  6. Pursuit returns funding to the investor on behalf of the program graduate.

The Pursuit Bond is a crucial funding model for Pursuit because:

  • It is a scalable source of funding

  • We bear financial risk; program graduates only pay a portion of their future earnings if they land a well-paying job

  • It tangibly demonstrates our commitment to our fellows and our job outcomes